MER Waterproofing Reviews

“You have water problems you NEED to have this company fix it. Mike and his team were so professional, did what they said the would do, and charge what the said it would cost. You would never know that we had something fixed, it was the best experience. Now go and call them if you need help. It’s a GREAT company!”
– Kathie C.

“It’s taken me about ten years to write this review, but I just couldn’t wait any longer. Ten years ago MER Waterproofing did some major work on my house to prevent chronic basement flooding. And ten years later, even after Hurricane Isabelle (2003) and Irene (8/27/2011), not a drop of water has entered my basement. Not only that, but they’ve answered my follow up questions very politely and quickly and even came out to the house to do a sump pump inspection (at no charge)… Based on the results of the work ten years on, the fact that nothing has ever gone wrong with it, and their helpful customer service, I recommend MER Waterproofing highly.”
– Darryl H.

“For 15 years we had poor drainage around our house, but no problems with water coming into the house until recently. My wife had a number of contractors come out to propose solutions, but none appeared on top of the problem except for MER, who we decided to use. We scheduled the work with MER and they showed up as planned for the 3-day effort, with a crew that grew to as many as seven for most of the effort. They did a truly professional job that addressed three different issues at three points around the house, including excavation and water proofing of a basement wall, the installation of box drains where water accumulated around the house, and the installation of lines to carry the water away from the house. Given the level of effort expended and the expertise shown, we feel their price was completely reasonable. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending MER for this type of work.”
– Larry S.

“MER did a great job. Sealed all the cracks. No more leaks, even in heavy rain, and the cellar smells less musty.”
– From Anglies List

“Waterproofing exterior porch and replacing deteriorated wood support beam with load-bearing steel. Great work, conscientious workmen and very reliable. Would call again.”
– From Anglies List